How Sports brings Unity

Sporting events are known for their ability to bring people together in unison, whether it is a small local event or something as large as The World Cup or The Olympics. Sporting events can be particularly useful when it comes to small communities as it gives local people a chance to come together and meet in ways that would rarely arise otherwise.


Unfortunately though it is often the case that some members of the community are excluded from such events for a number of reasons, meaning that sporting clubs’ claims of serving the community as a whole are often wide of the mark. Exclusive membership requirements can mean that some members of the community are barred from taking part no matter what they may be able to bring to the club.


Sports membership for London escorts


A Club for All

Basingstoke Bowl’s Club has moved to break down such restrictions by offering a free 1 year membership to London escorts. A club spokesperson,David Welch, said: “Escorts are often unfairly treated in this day and age and we want to show that this club really is for everybody”, he added “In offering this membership we hope to encourage others to join that might otherwise feel as though they may not be welcome”.

Mr. Welch continued: “We wanted to send a message that our club really is open to people from all walks of life and decided that inviting London escorts would help to send that message”. “After all, they are just young women looking to make a living and many are even working to support themselves while they are studying at university


Gratefully Accepted

Sarah, A London escort that originally comes from the Basingstoke area, was delighted to take up the offer. She was once a keen athlete but had to give up her athletic pursuits once she left school and the need to support herself became a priority. Now she is delighted to be accepted into a club that allows her to use its facilities, as well as getting the chance to meet new people through the club’s social functions.

“Using sports facilities can be very expensive with high membership costs and other fees”, she said. “What’s more is that the club management will often judge people in my profession and decide that we are not worthy of a membership, which is unfair as we are only trying to support ourselves just like everybody else.” She added: ”I look forward not only to using the facilities, but also to getting to meet new people and making new friends at the clubhouse”.

Opening Doors

In addition to the obvious health and social benefits of being a member of such a club, the membership could even help provide benefits toward the London escort’s professional life. With the right contacts, doors can be opened to whole new careers, helping the young ladies to move away from the escort business if they so wish. PalaceVIP


The benefits don’t only flow in one direction either as Sarah feels that she has plenty to offer to the Club. “I was actually quite good at sports not so long ago”, She said. “I may even be able to teach the ladies and gents here a thing or two”.