The Endeavor Sports Club – Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Every country has their own national sports. The UK has Squash and Racquetball. The UK is known for the rich tradition of playing in sports clubs throughout the nation. If you are looking for the best playing fields, social connections, and a club to belong to, look no further than Basingstoke Sports & Social Club. Located around London, they are clubs that cater to those who are looking for some friendly sports competition and some camaraderie as well.

Squash is much like football but is deeply seeded in London tradition, as is the entire sportsmanship of play. Not just a game that you throw together, the social club takes great pains to make everyone feel comfortable and to cater to the needs of their upscale clientele. If you are in London for business frequently, or you live in the city, it is a great place to have somewhere to go to always find something to do. More than just a sports club, you get to know people from around the city, and it has great networking opportunities as well.

Basingstoke Sports & Social Club

There are many different ways to play squash, not just one, which is something that only a squash enthusiast would know. If you want to try your hand at them all, the Basingstoke Sports & Social Club has it all. You can come in and join some of the practices just for fun, or become part of the legendary members who make the club so spectacular. The facilities are so much more than your regular fitness gym, more like a golf club, the staff is willing to help you out in any way that you desire. More social than arduous sports, unless you want it to be, the Basingstoke Sports & Social Club is where the elite meet to enjoy some time away from the everyday.

You don’t have to be a Londoner to belong to the social club Palace VIP. There are membership and dues that you have to pay to belong. The price of membership is well worth all the events that are located around the city, and for the use of the many clubs from London’s, end to end. Once a member, you are entitled to all the great things that come with a membership. Feeling like you are something special, the small price to join, is well worth the connections you will make.

There is nothing worse than feeling out of sorts or lonely in a strange place P. If you travel to London for business, then you should definitely consider joining. It is like having a place to go where you can put your day away, meet with friends and enjoy some friendly competition, all the while, enjoying the amenities and having people treat you like you are somebody special. One of the most elite country clubs in London, whether you live there or not, it is well worth looking into.