How Sport Can Help Career Development

How Sport Can Help Career Development

There is a well known saying we should never mix business with pleasure. For the most part, it is correct, but there are exceptions. Sport is something that can be a lot of fun but can also bring other benefits. One of these benefits could even help you out in your career. Play your cards right, and it could even help you to raise the ladder at work.

Closing Deals

Sometimes in order to close its deal, it can be helpful to get away from the stiffness of formalities. Taking a more casual approach can be a great help, and sport can be a great leveller. It helped Jennifer a former escort at PalceVIP. Being in the right environment can help you to speak with clients on a more personal level. This can help you come from a different angle that may help you to close the deal. It can also help to form bonds that can help with a business decision in the future. Even if it doesn’t have an immediate impact, you could see the benefits a few years down the line.

Meeting the Boss

When it comes to promotions, the boss would rather promote somebody that they trust. Playing sport is a great way to get to know the boss better. The more they know you, the easier it will be for them to be able to trust you. Remember, though, that playing sports with your boss will not be enough in itself. You will also need to perform well at your job. Playing sports will your boss will help give you an edge when it comes to decisions, though.

How Some Take Paintball Quite Seriously

Paintballing can be fun. Competing alongside and against friends and colleagues to try and be on the winning team can be quite a thrill and is something that most people of all abilities will enjoy. Paintballing is often used by companies as a team building exercise as it is a great way to get people working together as a team. At other times it is used by a group of friends just as a way to kill some time and have some fun.

Paint gun at PalaceVIP

For some people though, paintball is taken more seriously and is treated in the same way as some of the more popular sports such as football or rugby. Teams often enter into competitions to try and win cash prizes, with those that are good enough managing to make a decent living from it. This involves a certain amount of skill, and a lot of hard work.

Working as a Team.

Any successful team has to work hard at being able to play together and paintball is no different. It is essential that all players know where they need to be in relation to their team mates, as well as their team-mates strengths and weaknesses so the team can play to their strengths on the whole. Communication is essential as decisions need to be made quickly and acted on quickly also.

All it takes is one weak link in the team and your chances of success can drop significantly. All members need to know what they have to do and when, and this can take a great deal of practice and training.  If you want to be successful as part of a successful paintballing team, you should expect to have to put in a lot of work in training. You should also expect to spend a lot of time in the gym and out running as fitness is essential if you are to do well.

A Great Way to Live.

Being part of a team comes with many benefits and the team you are part of can be almost like a family to you. The team will need to spend a lot of time together when training and it’s likely the team will also spend a lot of time together socialising. A team will also go through a lot of highs and lows together, helping to make bonds even stronger as common memories are shared among all team members.

If you are part of a team it is likely that some, if not all, of the team will remain friends for the rest of their lives. Even your families are likely to get to know each other, and it is always great to have people at PalaceVIP that you can turn to if you are in need of help, or just because you haven’t seen them for a while.

Health Benefits.

Being part of a sporting team also has obvious health benefits. Physical fitness is obviously a major advantage but it also has advantages where mental health is concerned. As social animals we need to socialise in order to keep our mental health intact, and the sense of achievement is also very helpful to our well-being. Join a paintballing team and you are more likely to become healthy and happy, regardless of how successful you may or may not be.

How Can Keeping in Shape Improve Life and Avoid Strokes

Health and fitness is very much a big topic nowadays, with lots of advice and guidance on how to take care of our bodies and prevent strokes. Businesses selling nutrients and supplements are advertising their products everywhere we look, while government departments and other similar institutions give regular reminders of the need to eat well and exercise regularly. It is all for good reason of course as conditions such as strokes, heart disease and diabetes are responsible for many deaths around the world, and taking the right advice can help to prevent many unnecessary deaths.

fitness at PalaceVIP

Keeping in shape is not only about preventing unnecessary deaths and complications however, it is also about maintaining a good standard of living.  People that are in good condition will often say that they feel good and it isn’t just empty rhetoric. There are many benefits that being healthy can give to a person, and they are not just about increasing life expectancy.

Smarter, Sharper and Happier.

Our brains require a lot of resources to operate and if they don’t receive all the resources they need, then they don’t function as well as they otherwise could do. If we are not supplying our brains with all that we need then our ability to think is inhibited, so we become mentally slower. Slowness of thought means we are unable to react as quickly as we might, making us appear lethargic and even lacking intelligence. Many intellectuals maintain physical fitness to help them maintain the mental stamina they need to be able to work for longer, and work better.

A poor diet can also affect the body’s chemical balances, and it is chemicals within the body the help to determine our mood. Exercise also helps to maintain the correct balance of chemicals within the body so eating well and exercising regularly can help you to feel happier. A poor diet and lack of exercise can even be a contributing factor toward depression and other similar mental illnesses.

Social Benefits.

Exercising doesn’t always need to be about running alone on a treadmill in the gym. That side of exercise is not particularly appealing and many are likely to think of it is boring, but it can be very different. Exercise can also mean taking part in activities in groups and meeting new people at PalaceVIP, potentially opening up a whole new branch of social life where you will make new friends and acquaintances. You might wish to consider taking up dance lessons which can be both great fun, especially with a partner, as well as being great exercise. Many people enjoy walking in the countryside which is another opportunity to meet like-minded people while exercising.

The choices are endless and no matter what you choose, it will not be long before you are feeling much better for your exercise. You could choose to take up an activity seriously if you like, with a goal to reaching a target, or you could choose to do something as a bit of fun to help keep you active from time to time. Whatever you choose, regular exercise will leave you feeling much better about yourself and life in general.

The Endeavor Sports Club – Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Every country has their own national sports. The UK has Squash and Racquetball. The UK is known for the rich tradition of playing in sports clubs throughout the nation. If you are looking for the best playing fields, social connections, and a club to belong to, look no further than Basingstoke Sports & Social Club. Located around London, they are clubs that cater to those who are looking for some friendly sports competition and some camaraderie as well.

Squash is much like football but is deeply seeded in London tradition, as is the entire sportsmanship of play. Not just a game that you throw together, the social club takes great pains to make everyone feel comfortable and to cater to the needs of their upscale clientele. If you are in London for business frequently, or you live in the city, it is a great place to have somewhere to go to always find something to do. More than just a sports club, you get to know people from around the city, and it has great networking opportunities as well.

Basingstoke Sports & Social Club

There are many different ways to play squash, not just one, which is something that only a squash enthusiast would know. If you want to try your hand at them all, the Basingstoke Sports & Social Club has it all. You can come in and join some of the practices just for fun, or become part of the legendary members who make the club so spectacular. The facilities are so much more than your regular fitness gym, more like a golf club, the staff is willing to help you out in any way that you desire. More social than arduous sports, unless you want it to be, the Basingstoke Sports & Social Club is where the elite meet to enjoy some time away from the everyday.

You don’t have to be a Londoner to belong to the social club Palace VIP. There are membership and dues that you have to pay to belong. The price of membership is well worth all the events that are located around the city, and for the use of the many clubs from London’s, end to end. Once a member, you are entitled to all the great things that come with a membership. Feeling like you are something special, the small price to join, is well worth the connections you will make.

There is nothing worse than feeling out of sorts or lonely in a strange place P. If you travel to London for business, then you should definitely consider joining. It is like having a place to go where you can put your day away, meet with friends and enjoy some friendly competition, all the while, enjoying the amenities and having people treat you like you are somebody special. One of the most elite country clubs in London, whether you live there or not, it is well worth looking into.

Keep fit and meet new people at the Endeavor

Work tends to dominate our lives so much nowadays that everything else can become neglected, no matter how important it may be. We can work ourselves to the bone to the point where our mental and physical health can suffer even though both are essential to our well-being. Even if we do manage to find the time to take care of our physical health, it can then be even harder to find the time to socialise and relax, or vice-versa.

The Basingstoke Bowl’s club has both social and sporting facilities in the same complex, and members get to use them both. Having both social and sporting facilities under one roof means that members get to kill two birds with one stone because while they take care of their physical health, they also get to socialise with other people.

Such facilities are a god-send to anybody that lives a hectic lifestyle with little time to cram in activities. Having an alternative to staying at the office can also help to encourage people to live a healthier and more fulfilling life-style rather than spending so much of their lives sat behind a desk in an office.



All Are Welcome

Basingstoke Bowl’s club strives to maintain a policy that encourages memberships from all walks of life and not just the stereo-typical sporting types. The club aims to stay open later than many other sports clubs to cater to professionals that might struggle to attend during normal operating others, as well as warehouse or factory workers that work on shifts.

The club is also welcoming to people of all ages and abilities, with schedules devised for unfit people looking to get in shape, or the infirm looking to maintain their health the best they can. Events are also arranged with Member’s differing abilities in mind so that everybody can join in with nobody feeling as though they are out of their depth.

Raising Mental Health Awareness

The club also aims to use its facilities and membership to help combat mental health issues by helping to raise awareness for them. While the club can help directly by offering their facilities to people that might be at risk such as overworked professionals, it also hopes to hold charity and awareness raising events that help people to understand mental health issues more comprehensively.

One of the biggest problems with mental health is that it so often goes unnoticed until it is too late, and the team at Basingstoke sports club intends to help people to recognise the signs early on so that professional assistance can be found as soon as possible.

Pop in and Say Hello

If you quite like to idea of joining a sports and social club but are unsure if it is for you, then why not pop in for a chat? The friendly team will be more than happy to show you around so that you can see the facilities and there’s also likely to be a few members that will be willing to have a chat.

If you are unsure about the cost of the membership then maybe the club can come up with something that is affordable to you and help you to make the most of the facilities.